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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Union Solutions Dept.

(I really wanted my second post to be a Primer on "What I beleive", but this is just too important to not share, and I think that the Blogosphere can be a way to get this danger out to the public... so I'll do my "What I Beleive" Primer later, and start with this.)

Over in England, the Teachers Unions are upset about "Parent Power". The very idea that Parents of their students should try to influence what the Union Teachers are doing... really...
'We totally support the idea of getting rid of "parent power"... ...Parents have never wanted power - parents always wanted partnership. But there are some who hear the term power and think they can challenge teachers and throw their weight around'
But not everybody likes the idea of the Unions getting involved:

'It is interesting that the union has the time to be concerned with these peripheral issues - "parent power" is empty government rhetoric.'

Interesting take there... I'm sure THAT will go over well with Parents. Well in any case, their number one means of getting rid of Parent Power is to ban the use of 4x4 vehicles to drop the kiddies off at school. Yeah, that outta take the power RIGHT out of the hands of the Parents...


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